Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh


Literacy no longer simply denotes the ability to read and write; it is in reality, a complex system of language, thinking processes and skills, serving a range of purposes in different contexts.

Sacred Heart’s Literacy Program caters for individuals with diverse needs in an ever-increasing multi-literate world.

Teachers work in the context of collective responsibility for students’ literacy learning, sharing and building on knowledge and understandings in order to enhance subject-specific literacy learning. Students are provided with opportunities to improve their literacy by means of this cross-curricular approach across all year levels.

Students, who have specific literacy requirements, including students studying English as a Second Language, are catered for by the Literacy Team. Focused support is provided via one-on-one or small group sessions, both within the classroom and in a withdrawal setting. These sessions focus on skill-development and increasing students’ confidence and success within the classroom.

This collaborative approach allows for differentiation of the curriculum and provides the best possible opportunities for the young women we teach to achieve their full potential in a multi-literate society.

Beyond the classroom, Study Club is an opportunity for students to access assistance for a variety of subjects. Furthermore, National Literacy and Numeracy week in Term III is an occasion for all students to celebrate the literate and numerate world we inhabit. 

 Visiting Author Tim Peglar discusses story writing