Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh

The Sacred Heart Learning Journey

When girls begin their Sacred Heart journey, our community actively works towards a closer understanding of each girl’s strengths, talents and needs. In responding to these needs, the College aims to create an environment which encourages all girls to strive to be the best they can.

A love of learning is achieved through the connections that are made between what happens in the classroom and its real life application. Girls enjoy numerous activities that help extend learning beyond the classroom. By exploring this relevance, our girls find greater meaning in what they do and are motivated to seek the broader truths and perspectives that govern our world.

The curriculum choices and learning experiences presented to her are designed to be exciting, enriching and challenging. In this way, our girls are encouraged to become compassionate, discerning and confident young women prepared to positively contribute to their society. We are proud of our girls’ academic achievements and encourage them to always strive for their personal best.

The learning spaces within our College foster a strong sense of community and encourage collaborative learning. Students enjoy access to spacious classrooms, a well resourced Library, state of the art Science facilities and ICT facilities, including computer laboratories and laptops. Our facilities and our girls’ enthusiasm for learning prepare and enable them to make a positive contribution to our ever changing world.

Our dedicated teachers are constantly availing themselves of many opportunities to extend their own learning and they offer our girls a wide repertoire of excellent learning experiences. We have a proud history of academic success and always strive to ensure that we provide our girls with the best possible educational opportunities.

Our academic programs are complimented by a wide array of co-curricular opportunities. The College offers girls many sporting, cultural, recreational and artistic pursuits that contribute to the education of well rounded, knowledgeable and confident young women.