Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh

Religious Education

At Sacred Heart Girls’ College, we strive to engage our girls with the two thousand years of Catholic tradition and gathered wisdom in a diverse and quality Religious Education curriculum.

We endeavour to harness the many passions of our young women and encourage them to make sound decisions in a rapidly changing and pluralist world.

At all levels, an important aspect of the Religious Education program is faith development. Through prayer, liturgies and the celebration of the Eucharist, girls are encouraged to deepen their relationship with Jesus. All our courses utilize the Religious Education Curriculum as outlined by the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Helping girls feel connected to the College is a key element. In Year 7, they build their knowledge of the College and develop an understanding of the charism of the RNDM sisters. The Year 7 course examines the liturgical year, the core beliefs of the Catholic Church, the structure of the Bible and some of the key figures in the Hebrew Scriptures.

In Year 8, girls explore the world of the Christian Scriptures. They develop analytical skills and discover how Christianity spread by becoming acquainted with some of the key people in the early Christian period.

One of the highlights in Year 9 Religious Education is the City Experience. In conjunction with the History Department, Year 9 girls explore the City of Melbourne with visits to significant Catholic Church sites such as St Patrick’s Cathedral and St Francis Church.

Year 10 girls consider the growth of Christianity, study several World Religions and probe the complex world of good decision making. They visit the Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Centre. A number of students also participate in an Inter Faith Tour and all girls are involved in a Social Justice Day with Salesian College.

In addition to the study of VCE Texts and Traditions, Religion and Society and our school based Religious Education course, senior students are also involved in the ICTHUS prayer group, St Vincent de Paul group and our Retreat program.

We believe all these experiences help our girls gain a greater understanding of the Catholic tradition, and the importance of tolerance, acceptance of others and the need to speak out about injustice and discrimination.