Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh


The study of English is central to the curriculum at all year levels. Learning and teaching focus on developing students' understanding of, and competence in, the use of language with the emphasis on their oral, aural, reading and writing skills.

As girls progress through each year, they are provided with opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills, as well as writing, through the close analysis of an increasingly complex and wide range of texts; including novels, plays, poetry and media texts that reflect a broad spectrum of human experiences. Classroom work is always augmented by live performances and collaborative opportunities wherever possible.

Some of the highlights within the English curriculum include:

  • Poetry workshops run by Complete Works Theatre Company
  • Thematic studies utilizing a range of different texts and media
  • Literature Circles wide reading programs
  • Classroom debating program
  • Engagement with the broader world through the study of issues in the media and the power of persuasive language
  • Context units of work exploring the notion of “Big Brother”, “The Family” and “Australian Identity”.
  • Following their study of various plays such as ‘Romeo and Juliet”, “Macbeth” “Othello” and “A Man For All Seasons” girls enjoy the opportunity to view different interpretative performances of the text through live theatre
  • VCE Literature at Years 11 and 12

Public Speaking and Debating

Public Speaking and Debating are highlights in the life of Sacred Heart. Girls, at all year levels are supported in developing important personal and life long skills through a range of competitions and experiences, including:

  • Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition
  • The Junior Secondary Public Speaking Program
  • The Legacy Public Speaking Competition
  • Debating within the Debaters Association of Victoria competition
  • The Ern Ainger Public Speaking Award
  • The VCAA Plain English Speaking Competition