Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh


Sacred Heart girls embrace the opportunity to develop a closer understanding of the physical, chemical and biological world around them. They spend time hypothesizing, experimenting, discussing and investigating a range of engaging questions.

Many students pursue senior Science subjects through the study of VCE Biology, Chemistry Physics and Psychology. To support this learning journey, Science offers a range of core and elective subjects in Years 7-10.

Year 7 Science is designed to introduce the student to the inquiring nature of Science. A range of topics and experiences, including incursions for space and classification, engage and offer them a different perspective of their world. From learning about the laboratory to investigating the wonders of the universe, girls are drawn to a world of questions and problem-solving.

Year 8 girls investigate the human body, learn about chemistry and energy and examine the world through Geology. 

Year 9 girls further enhance their ideas of the inquiring nature of Science. They undertake self-designed experiments, use software to construct electric circuits and begin to develop an understanding of the periodic table and chemical reactions.

As Year 10 girls begin to approach the senior years of Science, they undertake more focused studies of the various science strands. One semester is spent refining and enhancing their experimental design skills, before focusing on  genetics, inheritance and evolution.

Years 9  students are also able to choose from the following range of electives:

Electronics and Robotics: making circuits and using LEGO dacta Robolab kits to explore robotics and solve engineering design problems.

Forensic Science: students learn about a range of techniques used by forensic scientists, conduct experiments to solve "crimes" and compare real life forensic science to that portrayed in popular TV shows.