Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh


Geography aims to equip our young women with knowledge, skills and experience to become informed citizens and responsible custodians of our changing world. 

The study of Geography helps us to develop an understanding and appreciation of the world around us, in all its complexity and variation. It is a core subject from Years 7 – 10 and is also offered at VCE level.

Year 7 students begin their journey in Geography by learning about the methods and skills involved in geographical enquiry, including mapping skills and data collection, and presentation and analysis. Students have the opportunity to put theory into practice during fieldwork exercises in the local area. They investigate Australia’s place in the world and in the Asia-Pacific region, and the amazing characteristics and beauty of the world’s hot, dry deserts. Our study of endangered species is given practical expression through the Melbourne Zoo excursion which enhances students’ understanding of the plight of such animals.

Year 8 students begin their studies of rainforests with fieldwork in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges National Park. They also study, South East Asia, Antarctica and the hazards associated with weather and climate.

Plate Tectonics and associated natural disasters form a major component of study for Year 9 students. Opportunities exist for students to complete research work in this topic which is also used for assessment in Media and for a video making competition. All Year 9 and 10 students are also challenged through their involvement in the annual Australian Geography Competition. As an important part of their study of coasts and coastal management, Year 9 students undertake fieldwork, visiting several beautiful coastal locations on the Mornington Peninsula.

Year 10 students investigate topics as varied as rivers and their significance to humankind, global patterns of development, contrasts in living conditions and the inequalities which exist, and environmental topics which have critical significance to the future including land degradation and climate change. Students complete fieldwork collecting data from contrasting areas of Melbourne to analyse living conditions, and their study of rivers includes a case study of the Murray River. This study is closely linked with the Year 10 camp during which students complete a journey based experience paddling down a length of the Murray River.