Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh


As a core subject in Years 7 - 9, Information Technology introduces students to a range of contemporary technologies, and is designed to develop and refine skills needed to successfully incorporate these technologies in their day-to-day learning and recreational experiences.

In addition, ICT is incorporated into a range of subjects across the curriculum.

Across the three years our girls learn about:

  • cyber safety and online etiquette
  • database and spreadsheet implementation and management
  • digital repositories / presentation portfolios
  • general desktop publishing and design principles
  • legal and ethical practices in relation to copyright and intellectual property of digital resources
  • manipulation of digital images
  • recording and editing of audio files
  • strategies for efficient and effective navigation, searching and evaluation of the Internet and websites
  • the mechanics of writing using a simple programming language and rules
  • the power of animation in imparting a story or message
  • the power of social communication tools and contemporary Web2.0 tools

Year 10 students can elect to continue their studies in IT on a semester or full year basis. Subjects offered are: Communications Technology (single semester), Information Technology (single semester) or Information Technology (full year). Each of these subjects continues to develop skills and understandings in a range of contemporary technologies. Skills in website creation and the use of spreadsheet and database software become more sophisticated. Girls are also encouraged to become more familiar with Web 2.0 technologies and incorporate their use into their learning.

VCE students have the opportunity to undertake Units 1 and 2 Information Technology and Units 3 & 4 Software Development. The VCE IT subjects focus on how individuals or organisations use ICT to solve information problems and to participate actively in a society where the use of ICT is commonplace.