Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh

Student Leadership

Student leadership matters at Sacred Heart Girls’ College. Leadership does not have to be deliberate or intentional to be effective. What is important is that we build a leadership culture among students.

Our leadership culture is one where students are challenged and made aware of their potential as leaders, are given opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills, and are supported in their leadership initiatives and activities.

Not every student may want to be a school leader, but every student can be invited to choose whether they wish to develop their innate ability to lead.

Accordingly, Sacred Heart Girls’ College adopts both formal and informal opportunities for students to display leadership.

Students at Years 11 and 12 may be elected to College Leadership positions which involve specific areas of responsibility. These positions are as follows:

  • College Captain
  • Deputy College Captain - Arts
  • Deputy College Captain - Faith
  • Deputy College Captain - Social Justice
  • Deputy College Captain - Sport
  • House Captains (Bede, Paul, Trinity, Xavier)
  • Vice House Captains (Bede, Paul, Trinity, Xavier)
  • Music Captain
  • Music Vice Captain

Students from Years 7 - 12 can also be elected by their peers to represent them on the Student Representative Council. This body functions as a voice for students and is proactive in promoting social justice activities in the College. There are three representatives from each year level covering the environment, fundraising and RNDM. The RNDM girls focus on the ministry of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions.

Each Homeroom from Years 7-12 also has a Homeroom Representative who assists the Homeroom Teacher, helps the Year Level Coordinator in the development and implementation of year level activities and acts as a voice for her Homeroom class.

Other formal leadership opportunities exist in acting as College Tour Guides (Year 9), Peer Support Leaders (Year 10), Music Leaders, and Sports Team Leaders.