Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh

Primary to Secondary School Transition

For young people moving from primary to secondary school, transition is a time of growth, excitement, and sometimes sadness.

Consequently, the Sacred Heart Transition Program emphasizes the need for Year 7 girls to feel comfortable and supported through this challenging time. We adopt a whole school approach to transition and we work to provide a strong sense of belonging and to make each girl feel welcomed into this new and vibrant community as soon as she enters the College.

This process begins with a family interview conducted in October, prior to Year 7, and serves to foster awareness of the ethos of the College. The nature of the curriculum offered at Sacred Heart and the values underlying it, as the tradition of the College are explained and discussed. The interview is designed to familiarize prospective students and their families with the philosophies underpinning the College.

Primary to Secondary School Transition

In the middle of  Year 6, the Transition Co-ordinator or Year 7 Co-ordinator visits the primary schools attended by enrolled students. This is a vital step in the process and gives girls the opportunity to talk informally with the Co-ordinator to ask questions, to articulate any concerns and to look at photographs of school activities and the College Diary. It also provides contact between the College and the Primary school staff. This allows students’ strengths to be identified, special needs to be outlined and Year 7 class placement to be considered.

Prior to Orientation Day, a Parent Information Evening is held at the College. Parents are provided with the opportunity to meet key staff at the College and are provided with information to ensure a successful transition.

The Year 7 Orientation Day, held in November allows students meet their Homeroom Teachers, classmates and their Year 12 "Big Sisters" who takes the Year 6s on a tour of the school and begin a year long relationship with their “Little Sisters”. On Orientation Day, the girls bring a photograph of themselves and place them on their Orientation Booklet which serves as a “passport” to secondary school.

Running alongside the Year 12 Big Sister/Little Sister Program is the Year 10 Peer Support Program; another highlight of Year 7 students’ first year at Sacred Heart. Year 10 Leaders also provide a vital and regular link with Year 7s throughout first semester and beyond.

The Sacred Heart Girls’ College Community is committed to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition into life at secondary school for every individual.