Scared Heart Girls College Oakleigh

Symbols of Our College


The crown symbolises a reward for excellence. It is mentioned several times in the Christian Scriptures as a reward for those who have persevered in doing right.
(1 Peter 5:4; 2 Tim 4: 6-8; Revelations 2: 10)


The palm or laurel branches

The palm or laurel branches symbolise victory. In ancient times the winner of a race was given a laurel wreath in recognition of their victory; at Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem, the crowds waved palm branches as a sign of his coming victory over death. We are reminded that our lives can be seen as a struggle to win the prize of victory given to us when we uphold our Christian faith.

The leaves of our crest are symbolic of reward and victory. St. Paul reminds us that we should not make material rewards our only goal but strive towards eternal and spiritual rewards.



The shield signifies protection. The training and ideals imparted to us during our College life will act as armour and be a source of strength in our future lives.
(Eph 6:10-23; Ps, 5: 13.)

The letters V and K stand for Virtue and Knowledge which reminds us that learning is important but even more important is our living out of our Christian ideals.

The letters S and H stand for the Sacred Heart, symbolising the great love that Jesus has for us all, and that we should strive to spread that love to others.



In ancient times, any important document was written on a scroll. Hence our motto and the name of our College are written on scrolls to emphasise their importance.

The College motto is "Semper Superne Nitens" which means 'Always Striving Upwards'. Every student is encouraged to strive towards higher standards - in spiritual development and a closer familiarity with God, in personal behaviour and character development, and in pursuit of higher academic standards.



The RNDM monogram comes from the foundation of the Order and stands for – Religieuses de Notre Dame des Missions (translated, Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions).

The Cross worn by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions was designed to celebrate the presence of God among all people across the world. This simple design was chosen in 1974 taking into account that some missions are established where the majority of the people are not Christian.


The Australian Province of RNDM

The Australian Province of RNDM uses the emblem where the eucalyptus leaf and wattle flower reflect an Australian identity. This emblem was designed by Sister Helena Brabender in 1997 to celebrate 100 years of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in Australia (1897- 1997). Sister Brabender comments “the emblem here stands amid gum and wattle: beautiful and unique features of our Australian environment and culture. Like the reign of God which the Sisters proclaim, the gum and wattle are full of promise and potential for life”.